Disney is Rebooting ‘Home Alone’

Photo by: Movie House Memories

After purchasing 20th Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company now owns the rights to the Home Alone franchise. And because of this, it’s not really a surprise that Disney will reboot the said Christmas classic in the near future.

According to CEO Bob Iger, Disney will be working on a “re-imagination” of the film series that starred a young Macaulay Culkin.

Apart from the Home Alone reboot, Disney will also be rebooting Night at the Museum and Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchises.

Photo by: Empire

Whether the reboots will be in movie or tv serial form is still unknown, but they will be part of the upcoming streaming service of Disney, Disney+.

Thanks to the Fox acquisition, the said upcoming streaming service of Disney will feature a lot of films and shows from the back catalogues of both studios, as well as a ton of new material. This includes a new High School Music series, Star Wars spin-offs, and new shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring actors from the movies.