Ariana Grande has a signature Starbucks drink

Ariana Grande has been teasing that she’s teaming up with Starbucks. She posted a series of coffee related emojis on Twitter and Starbucks responded by tweeting an identical response of coffee related emojis.

But it didn’t take long! A few hours ago, Ariana shared a quick clip of herself sipping on the “Cloud Macchiato” and also uploaded photos of her while wearing a Starbucks apron on Twitter.

According to BusinessInsider, the two will announce the launch of a new drink later today – alongside a Starbucks store playlist featuring Grande’s music.

The “Cloud Macchiato” has been released on March 5, 2019 (today in the Philippines).

The drink is composed of an espresso, whipped cold foam, and caramel drizzle.

By Cameron Arciaga