Super Bowl of China: Super Deals, Super Meals

Chinese food would always be a staple in Filipino celebrations. That’s why it would seem like we’re always celebrating at Super Bowl of China. But you don’t need to have a special occasion to have a good serving of some Chinese favorites. The better news is, Super Bowl of China is bringing you a roster of solo meals of rice toppings and noodles that come with single serve soda starting at 150 pesos only.

So, what do you feel like having today? Lemon Chicken over rice is an absolute show-stopper, but who can refuse a hot heaping of beef and broccoli over rice? But if you’re looking for more of the beef, you can try the braised beef brisket that you can top over your choice of either rice or noodles. If you’re leaning towards fish, then you may want to try the sweet and sour fish fillet or the one that comes with taosi. Nobody can refuse asado so go ahead and partake of the warmth of asado noodle soup. The wonton noodle soup is just as filling but go for sweet and sour pork if you just can’t say no to rice. And for long life, even when you’re the only one celebrating, have a solo order of the birthday noodles.

Meanwhile if you want to treat the rest of the family at home, then go big with the Super Bowl of China Party Trays. If you can’t bring the family to the resto, then we bring the tray to you…wherever you are!

Good for take out or delivery. Now you can bring home the siomai (and more)! Each tray can serve 10 people so go ahead and do the math depending on the appetite.Please allow thirty (30) minutes prep time and about a day in advance for Dimsum items. Check out their menu today at and order your favorites!